Seal-Tite™ Hot Melt

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Seal-Tite™ is an advanced technology hot melt sealing product that can replace all putties, caulks and most foam products used to seal windows, doors and extrusions in RVs today. Seal-Tite is a cross-link polymer, applied with a hot gun or with automated equipment in high volume situations, reducing labor by as much as 80%. This 97% solid polymer eliminates the need for cap seals and does not cold flow, reducing waste, while providing a much more reliable, long lasting seal.

Seal-Tite™ is a patented and proprietary sealant offered exclusively by Seal Design for the RV industry, plus marine, commercial vehicle and similar mobile applications. Used extensively in the auto, housing and other demanding industries, Seal-Tite™ can significantly reduce water intrusion and improve reliability of construction.

Eliminate Cold-Flow and Cap Seals.  Putties, caulks and most cell foam products must be compressed at least 30% to seal properly. Over-compression, however, results in cold flow that greatly diminishes the sealing performance of these old technology products. These seals are manually applied and chronically over-compressed in RV applications, which is why cap sealants are usually applied. Seal-Tite cannot cold-flow, even when over-squeezed. The benefits are three-fold: no wasted sealant, far superior seal to keep water out, no wasted time and cost to apply cap seals.

More Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
One or two SKUs replace dozens of caulks, putty tapes and foam products. We found one manufacturer could eliminate at least 70 SKUs. Simplifies procurement, inventory management and production process
Very little waste and recyclable. We found one manufacturer had a scrap rate of 26% for trimmed off sealants. Sealant doesn’t end up on the factory floor, keeping the work environment safer and cleaner; scrap doesn’t go in landfills and manufacturers reduce manufacturing costs.
No VOCs or elasticizers Environmentally friendly, eliminates bleeding, sagging and shrinking that compromises the seal performance
Excellent ozone, water and temperature resistance. Holds its sealing properties far longer than standard products that break down in harsh weather conditions typically experienced by RVers.
Adheres to a variety of coated and uncoated metals, glass and engineered plastics. Confidence that Seal-Tite can be used in virtually any application.
Requires a low level force to compress and has high memory rebound. Makes it an easy product to apply with reduced opportunity for errors that would result in a poor seal.
Available in black or white. Allows manufacturers to match sealant color to window frame, door and extrusion colors; black seal is ideal for today’s non-framed window styles.
Manufactured to meet Energy Star and AAMA specifications. Assurance of quality and energy efficiency.

Seal Design and Dicor Corporation focus on the people and companies that use our products. This includes products, support and services that help improve the production process.

Robot technology is available to automate Seal-Tite hot melt application for maximum efficiency, speed, consistency and quality.

  • Automated Seal-Tite application equipment will revolutionize the high volume RV manufacturing plant. Expect a potential 80% reduction in application time compared to manual application of putty tapes. Increase consistency of application, eliminate potential human error. Capital investment is quickly amortized, resulting in significant production savings in short time period. Contact Seal Design for a demonstration and cost savings projections.

One or two Seal-Tite SKUs (white and black) can replace dozens of putties, caulks adn foam tapes used on typical RV production lines. Our engineers can identify many places where Seal-Tite will outperform traditional sealants, while simplifying inventory.


101 Series white/black 5 gal. or 55 gal. drum
54 Series white/black 5 gal. or 55 gal. drum
SD-17 Series white/clear 5.5 lb. brick